Golf Clubhead Speed Training: TheStack System

At the latest since Bryson DeChambeau was among the front runners at the Longdrive Championships, it should be clear to everyone that length and speed are becoming an increasingly important factor in professional golf. All the statistics of the last few years show that a certain length is a prerequisite for playing at the top. In the past, there were still players who could win major tournaments with below-average speeds. Today they are competing against the Jon Rahms, Dustin Johnsons and Rory McIlroys of this world. All of these top players are capable of 120mph+ club head speeds and 300m+ distances.

But distance is not only crucial at the professional level. Even amateurs can significantly improve their handicap by gaining 20m from the tee. The point is simple: it is much easier to hit a green with a pitching wedge than with a 7 or 8 iron – even if you are in semi-rough. This is especially true when you have the chance to reach the green in two shots on some par 5s.

Of course, we stand for getting the maximum out of a driver fitting and achieving optimal results. We can take care of this with the right material. What we can’t do for you, however, is the right training for maximum club head speeds. But here we can at least offer you the best training device on the market – TheStack System.

TheStack was developed by Dr. Sasho MacKenzie and is based on AI controlled training. Using a simple radar device, TheStack is able to measure your speed and optimise your training accordingly. This way, you not only receive training plans that are perfectly tailored to you via the app. The programme is also able to adapt to your progress. It can also identify your weaknesses and target them with specific programmes. TheStack has 5 weights that can be interchanged. This allows for 30 different head weights and therefore very precise training. And all this with only one stick.

We don’t think the topic of “maximum club head speed” is just a trend. The numbers speak a clear language. More club head speed in combination with the right equipment brings significantly longer and more precise drives and thus also better handicaps. Whether young or old, handicap 1 or 50, we are convinced that a lot of educational work is still needed in this area. That is why we have set up, our own website on the subject. There you will find more detailed articles on speed training and TheStack.

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Can club head speed be increased in golf?

Yes, absolutely. Basically, there are five building blocks: strength, flexibility, technique, material and speed. The latter is the focus when training with TheStack and is the most efficient way to achieve significant results of 10mph and more within a few weeks.

How does speed training work with TheStack?

TheStack has different weights so that the club head can be made lighter or heavier. The foundation is so-called “over/under training” where you alternate between very heavy and very light weights. This teaches the body that it is capable of moving faster. It eventually “remembers” when you swing with the actual driver.

How long does one have to train with TheStack?

After the so-called assessment, you start with the “Foundation Programme”. Some players repeat this programme over and over again because it works so well. This programme lasts for 6 weeks with 3 sessions/week. You will usually achieve 5-10mph more club head speed in this phase in the first run.

How does TheStack measure success and club head speed?

For optimal training with TheStack, you will need an inexpensive and commercially available radar. This can be purchased for €200-300 depending on the model. TheStack uses its own technology to improve the measurement of the radar and convert it to the driver. This is called eSpeed and is the equivalent of your club head speed. Our measurements show that this is extremely accurate. TheStack uses this value to measure your progress and incorporate it into your training accordingly.