Miura Golfclubs: Irons, Wedges & Putter

MIURA, the most traditional Japanese golf club manufacturer, stands for the highest possible quality of club heads. Without “gimiks”, like the Japanese knives, the club heads are forged in the traditional “forging process”. Supposedly, large parts of the world’s top 50 play with irons forged by MIURA. The club heads are designed for sport, the great strength of MIURA is the precision of the workmanship and therefore the precision of the ball flight.

There is hardly any other manufacturer that can be better associated with Japanese blacksmithing than Miura. This manufacturer has been working for decades with the same traditional and proven methods and is known worldwide for producing the best irons. Miura is not distracted by things or products that stand in their way. Therefore you will only get irons, wedges and putters from Miura. Because these clubs can be produced in the typical “Miura Style”.

What makes Miura special is the fact that it is forged with particularly high pressure. A patented process is used which makes it possible to attach the hosel in a second step. Only in this way is it possible to exert the maximum pressure. Miura also uses very soft steel. These two things are responsible for the excellent quality of Miura.

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