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There are two good reasons why Honma’s Beres irons are so popular around the world. Firstly, only Honma offers such high-quality shafts which are extremely light and soft and therefore easy to play despite their good performance. On the other hand, Honma’s club heads are all about simplifying the game.

The latter is achieved by Honma with a very large club face and a special weight distribution. This means that the club’s center of gravity is as far down and far away from the clubface as possible. This allows for a particularly high launch angle. In addition, the sole is especially wide which helps to minimize the interaction with the turf. The club just doesn’t dig itself into the ground and still develops very good results. Furthermore, the club face of the Beres iron is extremely thin which allows a kind of trampoline effect and thus increases the ball speed.

All in all, this means that even players with a relatively low club head speed can carry the ball high into the air and achieve good lengths.

What also distinguishes the Honma Beres irons are the in-house Vizard shafts which are unique worldwide. Honma has mastered this field like no other manufacturer and is able to produce shafts that have very low torsion values but are still extremely light and soft. This means for you that you can achieve the precision that is normally only possible with hard shafts but still play a light and soft shaft that makes it comfortable in many ways. On the one hand the balls feel lighter, vibrations are minimized and badly hit balls still give a good feeling. On the other hand it is possible to offer clubs with a very light swing weight – exactly what players with a low club head speed are looking for. This allows these players to accelerate the club better and achieve greater distances.

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