Honma Beres Wedge


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Honma Custom Options

Starting with the 2021 season, a new Honma Beres wedge will be available, which we are very pleased with. Although the Beres iron sets basically also reach up to the Sand Wedge, many players would like more flexibility here. And that is absolutely understandable.

The new Beres wedges are not only an excellent optical match with the Beres irons, but are also equipped with identical shafts. This means that if you play a 42g 3 star shaft in the irons, for example, you will receive the Beres wedge with the exact matching shaft.

In addition, the Beres Wedge comes with a lightweight Dynamic Gold steel shaft weighing 95g. However, this has “vibration dampening” properties and therefore also gives a softer feeling at impact than typical steel shafts.

The Honma Beres wedges do not necessarily have to be combined with a Beres iron set. This is one of the reasons why Honma has introduced a rather untypical steel shaft as an option. This makes the Beres wedge suitable for a wide range of irons.

Technologically, Honma relies on a heavily milled clubface for maximum spin and a patented alloy in the sole. This allows significantly less speed to be lost when interacting with the turf. This makes the wedge glide much better through sand or rough. Distance control becomes much easier.

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