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Anyone who has ever held a Miura Wedge in his hand, is reluctant to give it back. The reason for this is the incomparably soft feel that you can appreciate when it comes to sensitive chips and pitches around the green. Here you can clearly see what is behind Miura’s blacksmith work. The soft steel is forged under maximum pressure. And the result is noticeable with every chip, no matter how short it may be. That’s why the Miura Wedges are so popular and have been our bestsellers for many years. But there are some different versions which we will take a closer look at:

Miura Tour Wedge

The Miura Tour Wedge has a much different clubface than the Standard Wedge and also offers significantly more loft variants. The face is milled again after the forging process and delivers maximum spin. The only drawback of this technology is that the milled surface wears out over time and the spin is reduced. Of course, this does not happen after two baskets on the range, but over years – depending on use. The Tour Wedge is available from 48° to 60° in 2° increments. Here, too, we can adjust the loft minimally, for example if you prefer odd lofts.

Miura High Bounce Wedge

The Miura High Bounce Wedge is basically similar to the Tour Wedge but with a very high bounce. It starts at 8° and partly goes up to 14°. If you decide for this Wedge you must be clear what the Bounce means, why you need it and where the weaknesses lie. There are definitely types of players who prefer more bounce and this wedge is designed for them. A high bounce is desirable e.g. in the bunker or from the fairway if the ball does not lie too low. It also makes longer shots easier because the club cannot dig into the ground so easily – fat shots are difficult to hit.

Miura K-Grind Wedge

The K-Grind Wedge is available in 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60° whereby the 56° version is especially in demand by our players. One reason for this is the high bounce of 14° and the sole, which works particularly well in sand. Therefore the K-Grind 56° Wedge is the ideal sand wedge.

Miura Lefthand Wedge

Fortunately Miura also offers a wedge for left-handers. This is not self-evident, because the production expenditure for this is enormously high. Nevertheless, left-handers should also be able to enjoy high-quality Miura wedges. The wedge is available in 52°, 56° and 60°.

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