High-quality shafts for drivers, woods and irons

In the past, shafts were not taken seriously and the material and flex were the most important things. Do I use a steel shaft? Should it be Regular or Stiff? Today the subject of shafts looks much more complex. The differences between steel and carbon are smaller and, as in the case of steelfiber shafts, even combined. Stiff does not mean stiff and can be extremely different from shaft to shaft. The weight of the shafts plays an important role for the swing weight. The kickpoint in the shaft makes a big difference in the launch. And finally, a shaft with less torque ensures more consistent results.

Finding the right shaft among all these variables is the job of a club maker. We only rely on the original shafts from Nippon, Shimada, Steelfiber, Fujikura, Graphite Design, Mitsubishi and others. All our clubs are only equipped with high quality shafts and no so-called OEM shafts. Large club manufacturers usually only use OEM shafts. These are called like original shafts, but have completely different characteristics and look different most of the time. In addition, the quality of these shafts is extremely variable. Many of them do not even come from the same factory as the original. That’s no wonder, because for a 500€ driver of a big manufacturer you get some shafts that normally cost similar. That it can not be the original shaft is not only obvious from this perspective, but also objectively verifiable.

Therefore, it is obvious that original shafts cost a little more to buy. But they are absolutely worth their money, especially if they are used in high-quality Miura or PXG club heads. It would be a shame to disfigure these excellent heads with inferior shafts. And that’s why we only use originals.

On the following pages you will find information about our most popular shafts.

Driver & Wood Shafts

The shaft is the most important part of the driver. How often is it necessary to get the last meter out of the drive? A shaft change is also very easy with today’s systems. And so in most cases a driver fitting revolves around the shaft. What you can say in any case is the following: The speed of the club head is highest with the drive and therefore the torque values have to be correct. Otherwise the deviations are simply too big. It is therefore important to find the perfect combination of low torque, correct bending profile, weight and launch. All these factors are crucial for efficient and constant drives.

We rely mainly on driver and wood shafts of the following brands:

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Iron Shafts made of steel and carbon

Usually, only good players count on steel shafts. But it’s no longer as if steel shafts were only kept from good players. Strictly speaking, there are now also extremely light and soft steel shafts (mainly from Japanese manufacturers). There are also mixed forms such as Steelfiber which combine the advantages of steel and carbon. So it is not easy to distinguish between steel and carbon. In any case, the transitions become more fluid.

The classic steel shafts that we use in iron are above all:

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The carbon shafts that we mostly use in iron are made of:

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