Driver & Woods

The topic of shafts has developed rapidly in recent years, especially with drivers. And it is less and less about which driver head to play with, but rather about the shaft. Which brand, which flex, which weight, which bending profile, which weight distribution, etc., are the most important things. In any case, one can say that driver shafts have developed into a real science and professionals are investing more and more time and money to find exactly the right shaft.

Of course, this trend does not stop at amateurs, even if you should not invest the same effort as professionals. What we are convinced of: the right shaft makes a big difference and you should rely on original shafts from the best manufacturers. The problem with large manufacturers nowadays is that OEM shafts are used. These are only called like the original, but they hide something completely different behind them. This does not necessarily have to be a bad shaft, but it is by no means the original shaft and often also not the shaft tested in the fitting. The quality of these shafts simply varies too much.

This is one of the reasons why we only use original shafts of which we also know that the quality will be right. For example, if we order a shaft from Oban that should weigh 60g, it has 60g and not 56g. Exactly this precision is what we need as a club maker to build drivers and fairway woods that really fit. Therefore you will only find original shafts from the best manufacturers we know that we can rely on quality.

We rely mainly on driver and wooden shafts of the following brands: