Fujikura Driver & Woods Shafts

Speeder was the first shaft to use high quality materials and opened a new market for golf shafts. Since then, Fujikura has experienced an enormous boom in popularity with the Speeder and the shaft industry as a whole, as more and more players experience the value of a high quality, high performance golf shaft. Better golf isn’t just about the player. It’s also about equipping and finding the best fit for you.

Atmos Tour Spec

New is the ATMOS Tour Spec line, which is aimed at the ambitious golfer who plays the ball with little spin. Red for the higher ball flight, blue for a medium ball flight, black for the lowest ball flight.


Fujikura Vista Pro

The Vista Pro series is designed for golfers who want to keep the ball in the air longer, with a higher launch. This shaft is designed to gradually reduce the amount of ball flight with increasing flex and weight to suit golfers of all swing types and skill levels. The Vista Pro line offers versatility, premium technology and tour design aesthetics for every clubmaker.

We often use this shaft because of its versatility.


Fujikura Pro

Featuring a custom bending profile that creates a stiffened center and tip area with more tolerance for error in the grip area, the PRO retains Core HIT technology for greater overall accuracy and stability throughout the swing. Based on CAGE, Maximum Carbon Fiber Content and Phantium.


Platinum Speeder

The Platinum Speeder from Japan is intended for golfers who expect a higher swing speed due to a lower weight with minimal spin. The use of extremely high quality, lightweight materials increases stiffness and reduces spin. A premium shaft.