Iron Shafts in Carbon

For the majority of our players, a carbon shaft is the only real option. Carbon shafts are generally lighter and softer and dampen vibrations much better than steel. Everybody knows the feeling of bad shots – you don’t want to have a shaft that makes the feeling worse. Players with low to average club head speeds will have much more fun with carbon shafts. However, the differences in quality are enormous. With this kind of shafts there is extremely bad quality, but also extremely high-quality shafts which can take compete with steel shafts in some regards. These are then light, soft and nevertheless with torque values comparable to steel – thus guarantee the same precision. At this point Honma is to be mentioned above all. This Japanese manufacturer produces its shafts by hand and divides them into 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars at Honma Beres. The higher the number of stars, the higher the quality of the shaft. But also apart from Honma’s ArmRQ X shafts there are very high quality carbon shafts from Fujikura and Steelfiber.

The Fujikura Vista Pro is a shaft that we like to use and with which our players are absolutely satisfied. Steelfiber, on the other hand, is a very innovative shaft that combines the properties of steel and carbon. Therefore this shaft is even played by PGA Tour players and there is no carbon shaft that could win more Tour victories than the Steelfiber i95.