Fujikura Iron Shafts

Fujikura Vista Pro

Vista PRO is designed for golfers who want to keep the ball in the air longer with more launch and spin. The variety of weights and bending profiles will appeal to every golfer. Primarily designed to be an easy option for golfers looking for more swing speed.


Fujikura Pro

The Fujikura PRO iron shaft has low torsion values and the materials used make the ball flight more stable.

Graphite/carbon exerts less stress on muscles and bones through shock absorption.


Fujikura MCI

When comparing graphite shafts with steel shafts, the center of gravity of graphite is on the back of the shaft, which affects the ability to achieve a desired swing balance. To improve this, the Fujikura MCI wraps additional materials on the tip side to add weight. This creates more balance, but also higher overall stiffness. In the new MCI (Metal Composite Iron), Metal Composite Technology has been developed to combine the best properties of steel and graphite into a revolutionary composite shaft.