Shimada Iron Shafts

The Shimada shafts are our most used steel shafts. Already on delivery the shafts show no difference in weight. All shafts are identical and exact to the gram. Made in Japan.

Shimada S-LITE

Light shaft, high launch. Built for players looking for a lightweight steel shaft.

Flex: R, F and S
Weight: 102g
Length: 41.5″


Shimada VWS 80-90-100

The new VWS shafts from Shimada come in three different weight classes, VWS 80 (100 gr.), VWS 90 (110 gr.) and VWS 100 (130 gr.). The shafts benefit from a very similar step pattern, but use a variable wall thickness to produce the three different weights.

VWS 80: R and S
Weight: 100g
Length: 41.5″

VWS 90: R and S
Weight: 110g
Length: 41.5″

VWS 100: S and X
Weight: 130g
Length: 41.5″


Shimada PRO

Medium to heavy shaft with low launch for players looking for a medium ball flight.

Flex: R, F, S & X
Weight: 126g
Length: 42″