Golfclub- and Shaft Tests

We at WeissGolf have made it our business to test everything: drivers, irons, wedges, woods, steel shafts, carbon shafts, balls, hybrids and so on. Our aim is to find out as much as possible about the material we sell and to give our readers an impression of it. It takes a lot to be able to carry out really valid tests. Thanks to our technologies we are able to do this. On the one hand, an analysis device is required that can evaluate all important club and ball data as precisely as possible. We rely on the GC Quad from Foresight which is currently the gold standard in this area. On the other hand we need the possibility to assemble clubs in the most accurate way possible. We rely on fitting systems that have no influence on the characteristics of the club, e.g. with a screw system that does not make the club heavier than intended. In addition, we only test with original shafts, i.e. shafts that you can actually obtain from us with these exact characteristics. This would not be the case with OEM shafts as these can differ greatly from the original shafts.

Shaft tests