Project X vs. Modus 3: Two premium shafts compared

The Project X as well as the Nippon Modus 3 are considered to be high quality shafts that are also used on the tour. For our test we have chosen a player for whom both shafts are suitable. Of course we tried to choose shafts that are as identical as possible in terms of weight and flex. However, the shaft variants differ slightly, which should not have any influence on the test results.

The setup of the test

Our player was supposed to hit a target at a distance of 160m. He succeeded with a club head speed of 87-88mph. The player reaches the ball with -3,5° from above and with about 3° from the inside. So far these are values that you can expect from very good players. As club head we used a Miura CB-1008 iron 6.

The test results in the overview

Our test did not produce any noticeable differences:

Project X vs. Modus 3 Balldata

As you can see, the ball speed for both is about 116mph. Where you might expect differences is the launch angle and the spin. Both are practically identical: 19.6 vs. 19° launch and 6387 vs. 6311rpm spin.

The carry and overall length is 1m and 2m further with the Modus 1m and 2m respectively, which can be explained by the slightly higher club and ball speed alone. This difference is not significant.

Our evaluation and recommendation

What we see is an almost identical performance. What the final decision for the player would be about is mainly the feeling. But you have to admit that our player didn’t feel any significant difference. One could only note that the standard deviation in length was greater with Modus 3 – that is, the length fluctuated a little more. But this can be explained by the fact that the shots with the Modus 3 were slightly worse, which is also expressed in the 0.01 difference in the Smash Factor.

As clubfitters we would not give a clear recommendation for one of the shafts regarding performance. Both shafts deliver basically identical results or the differences are simply not significant. What we would go for are things like variations from the manufacturer’s point of view, i.e. how high is the quality of the shafts to build whole sets with them. Which shaft manufacturer supplies us with 7 shafts of identical quality and weight? Here we would tend to go for the Nippon Modus because the Japanese manufacturer has an extremely high standard. The shafts are also very durable and practically indestructible. In a fitting we would therefore use this shaft instead of the Project X – even if no differences in performance can be found.