Vega Golf Clubs

About 100 years ago the first golf course in Japan was built in Kobe. At that time there was no golf club production in Japan, but by chance it was the Kobe area that was famous for metalwork. In particular, the forging of samurai swords, a highly skilled, traditional craft. These sword making skills were passed down from generation to generation. It wasn’t long before it turned out that the same forging technique could easily be adapted to another precision instrument, the golf club. Vega was the first forge to produce forged hollow jaws. “We are proud of our talented craftsmen who start with the raw material and then create finished works of art,” says Vega. Japan is probably the most technologically advanced country in the world today, but it retains its traditional values. These two extremes are reflected in the Vega philosophy, a fusion of old and new. Vega still uses traditional samurai craftsmanship, but also the most advanced and innovative finishing techniques in the world.