Honma Golf Clubs: Beres Aizu, Beres Black & TWorld

Honma Beres

The concept of Beres is to make the game as easy as possible and Honma succeeds in this category like no other manufacturer. The reason for this is that the club head and shafts form a unit and everything is handmade in Sakata, Japan. And especially the shafts make these clubs so special, because they are extremely light and soft and still have very good torsion values. No other manufacturer does this as well as Honma. Especially players with a low club head speed benefit from this and can make their game much easier.

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2, 3, 4 or 5 stars?

The principle of Honma’s stars concerns above all the shaft quality. While the 2-star shafts are already very good and practically unique on the market, the other stars still represent an improvement. For example the 5 star version which is extremely difficult to fabricate and therefore very expensive. For many, a 4- or 5-star set is out of the question. Often our players end up with the woods and drivers with 3 stars because the surcharge is very low and the quality is even better.

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Honma Beres Driver

Honma has clearly understood one thing: there are certain players who simply need very light clubs with soft shafts – and that with a head that can get the most out of even low club head speeds. The Honma Beres Driver does just that and comes in a variety of versions and shaft weights to provide the right driver for different types of players.

The Beres Driver uses a variety of technologies to achieve the following goals: the ball should start as high as possible, the ball speed should be maximized, and the driver should counteract the unpopular slice. Honma achieves this by combining different technologies such as slot technology, the use of an extremely thin face and a center of gravity that is chosen so that the face closes at impact and a slice tendency is at least greatly minimized.

What also distinguishes Honma, however, is not only a particularly good driver head. The shafts are worldwide unique because they are extremely light and soft and it is therefore possible to equip the driver with a low swing weight. Normally such soft graphite shafts are not very good when it comes to performance. But this is not the case with Honma. The torsion values are nevertheless very good, especially if you choose shafts with more than 2 stars. You won’t find a comparable driver. Honma is definitely number one in this respect.

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Honma Beres Irons

There are two good reasons why Honma’s Beres irons are so popular around the world. Firstly, only Honma offers such high-quality shafts which are extremely light and soft and therefore easy to play despite their good performance. On the other hand, Honma’s club heads are all about simplifying the game.

The latter is achieved by Honma with a very large club face and a special weight distribution. This means that the club’s center of gravity is as far down and far away from the clubface as possible. This allows for a particularly high launch angle. In addition, the sole is especially wide which helps to minimize the interaction with the turf. The club just doesn’t dig itself into the ground and still develops very good results. Furthermore, the club face of the Beres iron is extremely thin which allows a kind of trampoline effect and thus increases the ball speed.

All in all, this means that even players with a relatively low club head speed can carry the ball high into the air and achieve good lengths.

What also distinguishes the Honma Beres irons are the in-house Vizard shafts which are unique worldwide. Honma has mastered this field like no other manufacturer and is able to produce shafts that have very low torsion values but are still extremely light and soft. This means for you that you can achieve the precision that is normally only possible with hard shafts but still play a light and soft shaft that makes it comfortable in many ways. On the one hand the balls feel lighter, vibrations are minimized and badly hit balls still give a good feeling. On the other hand it is possible to offer clubs with a very light swing weight – exactly what players with a low club head speed are looking for. This allows these players to accelerate the club better and achieve greater distances.

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Honma Beres Fairway Wood

The fairway wood is one of the clubs you can’t do without. Because with fairway woods you usually have to hit as far as possible from the fairway or semi-rough or you have to play the green from the tee on par 3s. To be honest, you can make it even harder than it should be with the wrong equipment. Honma knows like hardly any other manufacturer the problems of its target group. These are mainly players who swing with up to average club head speed and therefore don’t necessarily have it easy with certain type of shots.

Honma manages to make playing with fairway wood a lot easier by combining two technologies. On the one hand, the club head is constructed in such a way that it firstly transports the ball into the air as easily as possible and secondly ensures high ball speeds. The second important technology where Honma is considered as market leader are the particularly soft and light shafts. No other manufacturer is able to build such light shafts with good torsion values. This means for you that a Honma Beres Fairway Wood can have a very low swing weight and is nevertheless equipped with a shaft that can control the direction very well.

Honma Beres Hybrid

The Hybrid, or also called “Utility” by many players, is mainly used to make long irons superfluous and to replace them. A hybrid has the advantage that the center of gravity in the club head can be placed much further back than in an iron. You can also achieve better ball speeds and greater forgiveness. This means for you: a hybrid can make the game much easier. Provided you trust the right hybrid.

What distinguishes the Honma Beres Hybrid is on the one hand the club head and in particular the high-quality shafts which are manufactured by Honma itself by hand in Japan. The club head is equipped with a very light crown so that more weight can be placed in the lower part of the club. The center of gravity is therefore far below and behind the ball. It is also relatively close to the shaft to counteract a slice tendency. The launch angle is particularly steep on this club, which ensures that you not only reach maximum lengths, but you can also attack the green well.

The shafts of the Beres Hybrids are very soft and light. No other manufacturer uses such light shafts. Basically a low weight and soft shaft is nothing special. However, the Honma shafts are still very good as far as torsion is concerned. Thus the unwanted twists are reduced during the stroke. The larger the number of the selected stars, the better these values are.

Honma Beres Wedges

Starting with the 2021 season, a new Honma Beres wedge will be available, which we are very pleased with. Although the Beres iron sets basically also reach up to the Sand Wedge, many players would like more flexibility here. And that is absolutely understandable.

The new Beres wedges are not only an excellent optical match with the Beres irons, but are also equipped with identical shafts. This means that if you play a 42g 3 star shaft in the irons, for example, you will receive the Beres wedge with the exact matching shaft.

In addition, the Beres Wedge comes with a lightweight Dynamic Gold steel shaft weighing 95g. However, this has “vibration dampening” properties and therefore also gives a softer feeling at impact than typical steel shafts.

The Honma Beres wedges do not necessarily have to be combined with a Beres iron set. This is one of the reasons why Honma has introduced a rather untypical steel shaft as an option. This makes the Beres wedge suitable for a wide range of irons.

Technologically, Honma relies on a heavily milled clubface for maximum spin and a patented alloy in the sole. This allows significantly less speed to be lost when interacting with the turf. This makes the wedge glide much better through sand or rough. Distance control becomes much easier.

Honma Beres for Ladies 2022

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TR: Honma Tour Release

The TR20 and TR21 replace the quite successful TWorld series, which was discontinued with the 747 series. The orientation of the Tour Release is a bit more sporty than the TWorld. There are a total of four different iron heads: Blade, V, P and X, whereby the X can be described as a game improvement iron that makes the game as easy as possible.

Besides the irons, there is of course a driver, two different fairway woods and a utility. The special feature of the TR20 and TR21 are above all the weight screws, which offer maximum flexibility in terms of head weight. And the “Non Rotating Hosel” with which you can change the clubface and loft without changing the shaft position.

Where can I buy Honma golf clubs?

Honma clubs are only available at certified specialist dealers, usually in no pro-shop and only at very few online dealers. Everyone who offers Honma golf clubs online must at least be a certified dealer and fitter, which means that not everyone can sell them. Since Honma clubs can sometimes be very expensive and Honma wants to make sure that you as a player only get the best fitting clubs, this exclusivity is essential. Honma clubs are in high demand and there are many replicas, especially on Ebay, DHGate and other platforms. Honma does not allow its dealers to sell on such platforms, which means that you either get fake clubs there or buy them from a dubious dealer who may have no idea about golf and somehow has come across Honma clubs.

Honma Tour Release and GS can also be sold online, so you will find enough suppliers to buy them. But be sure to buy only from a retailer who knows his trade and can provide you with a custom-tailored club. For example, we are one of the very few Honma dealers who know how to build golfclubs from scratch and are therefore able to make the necessary adjustments to your Honma clubs. You can buy a Honma club online within a few minutes, but if it’s not adjusted accordingly, you probably won’t enjoy it much.

This is one of the reasons why we are now one of the top 3 Honma dealers in the German speaking area.

Who plays Honma golf clubs?

Honma is not a manufacturer that relies on Tour Pros like many others. At least not on a larger scale. There are some less known pros who rely on Honma clubs. But only the Tour Release series comes into question. Honma Beres and GS are definitely not clubs for pros and will probably not be found on any men’s tour.

However, there are also players who are not contractually bound to one manufacturer with every club and some of them use Honma clubs.

So Honma clubs are mainly to be found among amateurs and not found on tour very often. The situation is different with the Honma Beres. These clubs are aimed primarily at players with under- to average club head speed and are far ahead in this area. Because the Beres clubs simplify the game for this target group enormously, which is mainly due to the light and soft shafts. In this segment Honma has a very respectable market share.

How much do Honma golf clubs cost?

That is quite different. Honma has long since moved away from its original strategy and now serves market segments with Tour Release and GS that are much more price-conscious. Especially the GS series can compete with the big western manufacturers in terms of price, depending on the selected shaft.

It looks a little different with Honma Beres. With Beres the cheapest club costs 389€. It is a Beres iron in 2 stars. For the popular Beres Driver you have to expect a good 1000€. A complete set of Beres clubs is therefore not necessarily cheap. Of course you have to ask yourself what you get for it. There are two good reasons why Honma players pay these amounts. One is the innovative club head which is completely driven on performance and makes the game as easy as possible. And on the other hand the in-house Vizard shafts which are especially light and soft. No other manufacturer uses such light shafts which makes the sport much more comfortable for a Beres player. The art of shaft technology is to build this type of shaft and still have good torsion values. This is essential for a constant ball flight with good control. Honma recognized early what no other manufacturer recognized and took this segment for itself. In the production these shafts are not cheap, just because they are pulled by hand. And therefore the price of the Honma Beres is not quite so low.