Honma Golf Clubs: Beres, TR and GS

Honma Beres

The concept of the Honma Beres is as follows: Players who have difficulty accelerating the club get an extra light and soft shaft to help them do so. Furthermore, all club heads are designed for maximum ball speeds and a high launch. This is the only way to achieve high distances even at low speeds. The special thing about Honma Beres is on the one hand that all clubs are perfectly matched – from driver to sand wedge. And on the other hand, that the shafts, which are handmade in Japan, produce only little undesired twisting despite the low weight and soft flex. So the ball flight is also controllable. Honma Beres is the gold standard in this respect and is particularly suitable for seniors and ladies.

Honma GS

The new Honma GS follow a similar line as Honma Beres with extra light shafts and a light swing weight. They are designed for price-conscious players. The big difference is the quality of the shafts. While the Honma Beres are handmade in Japan, the Honma Speedtuned shafts are just a shaft designed in Japan. As a result, the unwanted twists are a little more pronounced than with the Honma Beres. Apart from that, the Honma GS concept is very coherent and especially intended for players who want a complete set from driver to sand wedge with clubs that are matched to each other.

TR: Honma Tour Release

The TR20 and TR21 replace the quite successful TWorld series, which was discontinued with the 747 series. The orientation of the Tour Release is a bit more sporty than the TWorld. There are a total of four different iron heads: Blade, V, P and X, whereby the X can be described as a game improvement iron that makes the game as easy as possible.

Besides the irons, there is of course a driver, two different fairway woods and a utility. The special feature of the TR20 and TR21 are above all the weight screws, which offer maximum flexibility in terms of head weight. And the “Non Rotating Hosel” with which you can change the clubface and loft without changing the shaft position.

Where can I buy Honma golf clubs?

Honma clubs are only available at certified specialist dealers, usually in no pro-shop and only at very few online dealers. Everyone who offers Honma golf clubs online must at least be a certified dealer and fitter, which means that not everyone can sell them. Since Honma clubs can sometimes be very expensive and Honma wants to make sure that you as a player only get the best fitting clubs, this exclusivity is essential. Honma clubs are in high demand and there are many replicas, especially on Ebay, DHGate and other platforms. Honma does not allow its dealers to sell on such platforms, which means that you either get fake clubs there or buy them from a dubious dealer who may have no idea about golf and somehow has come across Honma clubs.

Honma Tour Release and GS can also be sold online, so you will find enough suppliers to buy them. But be sure to buy only from a retailer who knows his trade and can provide you with a custom-tailored club. For example, we are one of the very few Honma dealers who know how to build golfclubs from scratch and are therefore able to make the necessary adjustments to your Honma clubs. You can buy a Honma club online within a few minutes, but if it’s not adjusted accordingly, you probably won’t enjoy it much.

This is one of the reasons why we are now one of the top 3 Honma dealers in the German speaking area.

Who plays Honma golf clubs?

Honma is not a manufacturer that relies on Tour Pros like many others. At least not on a larger scale. There are some less known pros who rely on Honma clubs. But only the Tour Release series comes into question. Honma Beres and GS are definitely not clubs for pros and will probably not be found on any men’s tour.

However, there are also players who are not contractually bound to one manufacturer with every club and some of them use Honma clubs.

So Honma clubs are mainly to be found among amateurs and not found on tour very often. The situation is different with the Honma Beres. These clubs are aimed primarily at players with under- to average club head speed and are far ahead in this area. Because the Beres clubs simplify the game for this target group enormously, which is mainly due to the light and soft shafts. In this segment Honma has a very respectable market share.

How much do Honma golf clubs cost?

That is quite different. Honma has long since moved away from its original strategy and now serves market segments with Tour Release and GS that are much more price-conscious. Especially the GS series can compete with the big western manufacturers in terms of price, depending on the selected shaft.

It looks a little different with Honma Beres. With Beres the cheapest club costs 389€. It is a Beres iron in 2 stars. For the popular Beres Driver you have to expect a good 1000€. A complete set of Beres clubs is therefore not necessarily cheap. Of course you have to ask yourself what you get for it. There are two good reasons why Honma players pay these amounts. One is the innovative club head which is completely driven on performance and makes the game as easy as possible. And on the other hand the in-house Vizard shafts which are especially light and soft. No other manufacturer uses such light shafts which makes the sport much more comfortable for a Beres player. The art of shaft technology is to build this type of shaft and still have good torsion values. This is essential for a constant ball flight with good control. Honma recognized early what no other manufacturer recognized and took this segment for itself. In the production these shafts are not cheap, just because they are pulled by hand. And therefore the price of the Honma Beres is not quite so low.